North Texas Super Bowl Seating Fiasco Goes On Trial

Roger Goodell testifies in Super Bowl seating trial12 Mar 2015.

Senior Reporter, Dallas Business Journal.

award of roughly $76,000 in the Super Bowl ticket trial for a couple of reasons, a Dallas attorney said.

This isn't going to make or break mine or Mr. Ayres' firm.".

The NFL blamed Seating Solutions in part for the inability to provide 1,250 safe seats for fans.

11 Mar 2015.

The president of Seating Solutions, the company blamed by some as one of the reasons.

fans at Super Bowl XLV in Arlington, Texas, has broken his silence.

President defends company over SB tix fiasco.

Motivated by the fact that the closing arguments in the trial would be made Wednesday in Dallas,

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1 Mar 2015.

On Monday, a federal lawsuit over the failure to finish installing about 1,000 temporary seats is scheduled to go to trial in Dallas. Attorneys.

24 May 2017.

Lawsuit concerning displaced fans at Super Bowl XLV has finally.

Additionally, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones described the issue as a seating.

the court rule in its favor on a number of plaintiffs' claims before trial.

12 Mar 2015.

Texas jury awards fans $76,000 for Super Bowl seating problem.

over a seating fiasco at the 2011 Super Bowl where hundreds of fans had problems with.

NFL officials and Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones testified during the two-week trial and.

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12 Mar 2015.


Football League over a seating fiasco at the 2011 Super Bowl where.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones testified during the two-week trial.