£52m In Bitcoin Stolen After Cryptocurrency Exchange Heist

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Hackers have stolen 6.7 billion yen ($60 million) in Bitcoin and two other cryptocurrencies from the Japanese digital exchange, Zaif, owned by startup Tech Bureau Corp, the company said on Thursday.

07/12/2017  · Thieves stole potentially millions of dollars in bitcoin in a hacking attack on a cryptocurrency company.More than $60 million worth of bitcoin potentially stolen after hack on cryptocurrency site.

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Although, it turns out that a massive $40 million’s worth of BTC doesn’t even register this heist among the worst. Check out the five biggest exchange hacks in crypto history. The 5 Biggest Exchange Hacks in Crypto. As you can see from the above image, the Binance hack comes in a measly sixth place. There’s no doubt that the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange will recover from its.

08/05/2019  · Hackers have stolen $41m (£31m) worth of Bitcoin in a major crypto-currency heist. The Binance exchange, which stores Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies for.

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Half a Billion in Cryptocurrency Stolen - ThreatWire03/08/2016  · Likely disconcerting to anyone that trades in the popular cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin, a digital exchange was hit by hackers this week and approximately $65 million in Bitcoin was stolen.